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Aprehend Bio Pesticide Treatment


Aprehend Bio Pesticide Treatment is the newest bed bug treatment on the market. Available in Canada since 2020 and used in the United States three years prior, it is the answer, and a different approach, to the growing bed bug problem.  Aprehend is a bio pesticide, derived from natural resources in the earth and is pet and human friendly. The benefit is multifaceted with little treatment preparations required. Aprehend has a residual value of 90 days meaning it will continue to work for three months after application saving the hassles of a second or third treatment needed when treating with the alternative traditional synthetic chemicals which preparations are more involved. Aprehend’s lengthy residual value will cover the post treatment problematic bed bug life cycle of eggs hatching over time where traditional treatments chemicals would break down and require a minimum two visits. This treatment is also used as a proactive approach to bed bug protection applied as a preventative treatment to stop any infestation before it could start. Aprehend is the safest and best solution to exterminating bed bugs in your home.