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Green Thermal Solutions- Professional and Affordable! With Our Top of The Line Thermal Equipment and Licensed Exterminators, We Guarantee to Rid Your Infestation With Only One Treatment !

Heat Treatment for Full Home Eradication


Heat Treatment is the quickest, safest and most cost effective way to eradicate bed bugs, nymphs and their eggs. This eco-friendly remediation process is preformed by the best equipment currently offered, The Heat Assault 500x

Terminate the Whole Bed Bug Cycle in One Treatment

The Heat Assault 500x is designed to blow hot air evenly throughout the home to penetrate every available hiding spot and hit all infested areas. The desired kill temperature of 120F is reached quickly and monitored for several hours until all stages of bedbugs have reached death.

Aprehend Biopesticide Treatments

For shared dwellings such as apartments, condos, hotels or care facilities heat treatments may not always be your best option. For these situations Green Thermal Solutions recommends the efficient and environmentally friendly use of Aprehend.

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Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment

About Us

Green Thermal Solutions is a Hamilton based company. We focus on using the most eco-friendly treatment options that are safe for the whole family.

Our mission is to provide quality service and achieve optimal results without the use of noxious pesticides.

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We are discreet!

We strive to make our customers feel comfortable with the process from beginning to end. Starting with our complimentary inspection and quote, our technicians will initiate a plan of action and help you prepare your home for treatment.

Our Team at Green Thermal Solutions uses unmarked vehicles and equipment. We respect the privacy of our customers due to the stigma attached to having a bed bug issue of any kind. We understand and we take great care of these needs.

Other Services

Preparation Work & After Care

Pre-Treatment is essential. Let us guide you to evacuate the invader

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Laundry Services

Green Thermal Solutions offers laundry services

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Mattress & Furniture Removal

No need to throw out all your furniture, although some must go.

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K-9 Bed Bug Detection

K-9 Services available, for peace of mind.

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In the last decade, Bed Bugs are becoming progressively worse. Bed Bugs can be found anywhere people visit. Schools, libraries, community centers, hospitals, city buses, hotels and worst of all, inside your own home.

Once inside your home, Bed Bugs find many different places to hide. They can be found inside of box springs, along the seams of mattresses, head boards, dressers, night tables, couches, hiding behind switch plates and baseboards. They are most often discovered in living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. Bed Bugs typically feed at night while the host is asleep. They are attracted to carbon dioxide, warmth and of course a blood meal. Bed Bugs will not pass an opportunity to a meal if they have not fed in a while and may even be seen during the day.

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