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Green Thermal Solutions specializes in Bed Bug eradication. We use Thermal Heat throughout your home to achieve optimal results. More and more customers turn to heat as it’s the most successful method of pest control.

At Green Thermal Solutions, we care about our clients and their needs. We stand by our warranty of 90 days. Our obligation is to safely and effectively eradicate a Bed Bug infestation in an environmentally friendly way. Temperatures of 120F or more have been scientifically proven to kill all life stages of Bed Bugs including nymphs and eggs. We use a Heat Assault 500x, which is the newest and most successful piece of equipment used to date. The advantage of using the Heat Assault 500x in the extermination process is that it quickly heats an area and reaches lethal temperatures in less than a half an hour to an hour, not leaving any time for the bed bugs to escape. The science behind killing bed bugs with heat is getting to that lethal temperature as fast as possible. While chemicals are hazardous and do not terminate the egg stage of the Bed Bug cycle, heat is becoming a far more superior method with the fastest results. We kill Bed Bugs and their eggs in One Treatment.  GUARANTEED!

Canadian Pest Management Association
National Pest Management Association
Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario
Readers Choice 2019 Diamond Winner


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