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Located in the Peel Region, Mississauga has seen some of the most substantial growth in Canada in recent memory. This explosion of growth over the last number of decades can be attributed to many factors, which include the city’s proximity to Toronto, a prosperous central business district and Pearson International Airport. All these factors have made Mississauga a thriving multicultural centre, home to the neighbourhoods of Port Credit, Streetsville, Meadowvale, Erin Mills, Clarkson, Cooksville, Erindale, Hurontario and many more. Each of these areas is robust, offering their own distinct culture, sights, and sounds.

Opportunity is plentiful in Mississauga, the city’s economical foundation is based in Life Sciences, Higher Value Business Services, Advanced Manufacturing and Smart Logistics. This means that Mississauga is home to some of the most knowledge-based industries in the country. A juggernaut of information, Mississauga is poised to continue its impressive growth well into the future. This growth and development will mean more people, more homes and more urban density. Continued development will inevitably come with an increase in pest problems and infestations.

Green Thermal Solutions is a leading expert in the planning and execution of bed bug extermination services. Additionally, the high traffic of both domestic and international travel in and out of Mississauga requires specialized knowledge and a range of commercial pest control and bed bug services. From hotels to conference facilities, Green Thermal Solutions has the proven experience to service all commercial and hospitality bed bug extermination needs, providing peace of mind not only to the businesses themselves but also to their patrons.

Green Thermal Solutions is proud to offer a full range of bed bug extermination services in your community including:

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    “It has been 3 months now, I called Sam on Nov 2/19. He came out and gave me a quote. I did what he asked me to do, it was a pain with 2 dogs and out of the house all day, but it got done. The staff are great and hard working. Just before Xmas they came by to check out my house at no cost. I had people over for the holidays and not a worry. I hope to not see Sam again. However, I will highly recommend them.”

    John Harress, Mississauga, ON

    Mississauga Neighbourhoods

    Central Erin Mills
    Churchill Meadows
    Clarkson-Lorne Park

    East Credit
    Erin Mills

    Meadowvale Village
    Mississauga Valleys

    Port Credit

    Mississauga Industries

    Advanced Manufacturing

    Mississauga is one of the country’s leaders in advanced manufacturing, producing goods not only for our country but also internationally. Cleantech, aerospace and automotive companies all operate out of Mississauga, putting it at the heart of Canada’s advanced manufacturing industry.

    Higher Value Business Services

    Mississauga is a hub for the information technology and financial services sectors, serving customers both at home and abroad. As a part of the financial capital of Canada, Mississauga has a key role to play as the region is the 2nd largest financial services centre in North America.

    Life Sciences

    Mississauga is investing in life sciences in a profoundly serious way; in the next five years, the city is committed to developing the infrastructure to propel it to the forefront of the life sciences industry. This important investment will ensure that Mississauga is a leader in life sciences both at home and on a global stage.

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