Preparation Work & Post Care

Pre Treatment and After Care

Preparation work is key in a successful eradication. At Green Thermal Solutions we give our customers a specific requirements that need to be completed in a timely manner. We give our clients detailed instructions on an easy to follow checklist. We are available anytime to answer any question regarding the pre-treatment process.

Our technicians ensure you follow the checklist very carefully. If there is something you just aren’t sure about, please just ask! We give our clients anywhere from 2 to 7 days to prepare for treatment day depending on clutter or number of occupants etc. Let us know if there is something more we can do for you! Our technicians are available to wrap and remove any unwanted furniture, de-clutter, assist with, or do all the preparation work necessary at an hourly rate. You decide how much help you may need or do it all yourself! We work together as a team for the best outcome. Being bed bug free.

And of course Green Thermal Solutions has many tips and tricks to educate you on how to prevent and avoid future infestations. We love to educate our clients throughout the process. Know the signs and know what to look for to protect yourself and the whole entire family.

Prep Services Available

  • furniture wrapping and removal
  • garbage removal
  • laundry services
  • inspecting items of concern
  • bagging necessary items
  • properly moving furniture to prepare for treatment
  • de-cluttering
  • extensive vacuuming
  • steaming
  • removal of heat sensitive items
  • dismantle beds
  • and more

Post Care Services Available

  • ¬†vacuuming
  • putting furniture back it its place
  • re-assemble beds
  • caulking and sealing of baseboards and noticeable gaps of concern
  • inspect any items that were removed for treatment
  • provide traps, monitors and zippered certified bed bug proof mattress encasements, installed
  • and more

These services are an option and available at an hourly rate, please ask your Green Thermal Solutions technician to provide more information. We offer Senior/ Disability discounted rates.

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