Laundry Service

Bed Bugs Cannot Survive the Heat!



Laundry Services

At Green Thermal Solutions we offer Laundry Service. This is one of the most crucial steps to successful treatment. All required steps are imperative to establish a bug free home upon return. Putting all the linens in a dryer on high heat for 1 hour will obliterate all life stages of bed bugs including their eggs. This endless task at one load at a time is the most time consuming and dreary assignment specifically listed on the Green Thermal Solutions checklist. It is a mandatory effort with substantial results. No Time? Let Us Help!

To start, the Green Thermal Solutions team would assign a technician to come to your home to undertake the bagging process. The technician would remove all the garments from the dresser drawers,  linens and pillows off the beds, curtains and plush items can come along as well. Any material goods that are tightly packed located in the bedrooms and living spaces also must go through the treatment process. At Green Thermal Solutions, we have a structured system in place that the black garbage bags we use are considered “untreated” and clear bags means “done”.

For Laundry Service, all the black bags are counted, weighed and charted directly before being taken away for treatment. Once complete, all your belongings are returned in the handy clear bags. It is then re-weighed and  handed back in the convenient clear bags so you can easily see what areas the bags belong in. It is quite time consuming to put things back in their original place so this way you know what is inside each bag and the important everyday use items can be put away first.

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