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Laundry Services

One thing that we hear again and again from our clients is that the most frustrating part of getting rid of their bed bug issue is dealing with all the laundry. We’ve heard you and we’re here to help! Green Thermal Solutions offers a full-service, door-to-door laundering service. We’re here to make the entire process as smooth and unobtrusive for you as possible.

Every professional will advise you to launder all washable fabrics in hot water and dry on high heat. Bed bugs are most at home in nooks and crannies, they are challenging pests to eradicate. They hide well and multiply quickly. If you do have bed bugs, we strongly recommended that you wash and launder any and all fabrics you can, to avoid re-infestation. If there is any reason you are unable to do this, Green Thermal Solutions will assist you with the process.

Green Thermal Solutions will pick up your pre-bagged and sealed laundry in one of our unmarked and discreet vehicles, directly from your home. We professionally and thoroughly launder all your fabrics to ensure that we eradicate the bed bugs in the most efficient manner. We will put your freshly laundered, bug-free clothing in new, alternate coloured bags for easy identification and drop back off at your home!

Laundering is one of the most crucial steps in the bed bug treatment process. It keeps your clothes, linens, curtains, and other items bug-free. Green Thermal Solutions is happy to provide you with a laundering service that helps ensure your home remains bed bug-free, long after we’re gone.

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