Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Why Use Heat?

Heat treatment for bed bugs is the most effective way to eliminate an infestation of any size. Bed bugs do not go away on their own. Chemicals can spread them to other areas and make things worse. Our heat treatment method rises temperatures to surpass 120F very quickly stopping bugs in their tracks. Once ambient, the heat treatment continues between 3 and 6 hours to ensure all life stages have resulted in death.

Green Thermal Solutions uses the most modern and effective equipment available today. The Heat Assault 500x is such a sophisticated piece of equipment that it is designed to penetrate walls, baseboards, furniture, bed frames and get into unreachable places that bed bugs like to hide in. Once the Heat Assault is running full tilt, the temperatures are monitored by our experienced and licensed technicians on site to ensure even heat distribution. We provide our clients with a very detailed preparation list that is completed prior to treatment day. Some examples are to simply move furniture away from the wall and de-clutter the area. This provides enough space for the heat to move freely around all items to have every side heat treated. We guarantee you can return to a bug free home, same day.

The Facts

Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are ranked one of the most challenging insects to get rid of.

Insecticide Resistance

Recently, bed bugs have become more resistant to pesticides that are commonly used to eradicate.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is the safest and most cost effective method for remediation.

Bed bugs cannot survive temperatures that exceed 120F for any length of time.

Heat treatment for bed bugs is the “Green” way to go, say no to chemicals.

Treatment Plan

Complimentary Inspection

At Green Thermal Solutions we value discretion. We do not use marked vehicles or clothing with any logos. Once inside, our technician would ask a series of questions along with a full home inspection to assess the nature of the infestation. Once properly identified, we would immediately implement your integrated pest management plan and begin the plan of action.

We take the time to answer any questions you may have about the nature of the infestation, preventative measures and steps that need to be taken to properly and professionally remove all bed bugs, nymphs and eggs from the home.


We have a specific treatment preparation checklist that we give to all of our clients. Once the date of treatment is scheduled, our technicians begin to go over each assignment with you. You check them off as you go so you are certain it is complete and you can move onto the next. We suggest up to a week to complete all the prep work, although some people may only require a few days. Our staff are highly trained and assist with choosing a time frame needed to complete the preparation process duties.  We are always available by phone, email and can also offer quick home visits to ensure everyone understands all tasks and feel confident every step of the way.

Treatment Day

The day of treatment , we arrive in our unmarked vehicles. We are very discreet. However, if we are ever  approached by any neighbours, we have a respectful way of deterring any questions that may come our way. We do not disclose the true nature of the situation at hand. Once inside, we set up all of our equipment which takes less than an hour and begin the heat treatment process. Our heat treatment is completed in one day and you are able to return home that same night.

This is all protected by Green Thermal Solutions “One and Done” 90 Day Guarantee.

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