Aprehend Biopesticide Treatments

Bed bugs are small insects which live and breed in human dwellings. They can exist in any home, regardless of cleanliness or living circumstances. Once present, they quickly multiply, infesting your home. If you have bed bugs, you need to contact a professional exterminator immediately.

Green Thermal Solutions specializes in Bed Bug eradication. For many single family homes a thermal heat treatment will quickly kill all bed bugs, but for shared dwellings such as apartments, condos, hotels or care facilities this may not always be your best option. Thermal heat treatments will produce quick results, but they are unable to protect your home from neighbouring units. Bed Bugs can easily spread through building radiators, plumbing, cracks and crevices in shared living spaces. For these situations Green Thermal Solutions recommends the efficient and environmentally friendly use of Aprehend.

Benefits of Aprehend

  • Aprehend is a natural bio-pesticide
  • Aprehend is Green Safe
  • Ideal for treatment and proactive prevention
  • Quick set up with minimal preparation
  • Long lasting with 90 day residual properties
  • Works excellent in combination with a heat treatment


Province of Ontario

Aprehend is recognized as the most effective treatment for control and prevention of bed bugs. It is a natural bio pesticide and a green alternative that is safe for your family. Unlike other harsh treatments that require extensive toxic chemicals to be sprayed throughout your family home, Aprehend is a green solution that only needs minimal contact with surfaces to be effective. Requiring little preparation, this natural pesticide is strategically sprayed where bed bugs are known to gather. As they cross treated surfaces, bed bugs pick up and distribute Aprehend to other bed bugs and nesting areas, successfully reaching all areas of the home. Effectively becoming the extinguisher, this transfer of Aprehend is repeated each night until all bed bugs have been eliminated.

Green Thermal Solution is recognized as a top Aprehend Biological Bed Bug Professional. We recommend repeating Aprehend treatments quarterly to ensure your home remains safeguarded from bed bugs. Aprehend is our safest and most efficient bed bug prevention service. Its long lasting treatments ensure low cost and peace of mind, knowing your home is protected. Aprehend can be used alone or in conjunction with thermal heat treatments.

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