Oakville Bed Bug Removal


Located in Southern Ontario along the Queen Elizabeth Way, Oakville marks the halfway point between Toronto and Hamilton. Based on information from the 2016 Canadian Census, Oakville is the largest single town in Canada.

Oakville is also part of the Greater Toronto Area. Once known largely for shipping and shipbuilding, the industries in Oakville have changed dramatically over the years. The largest industries in the city are now Professional and Financial Services, Digital Media, ICT and Film, Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing. Most people who have travelled the Queen Elizabeth Way and Highway 403 will also be familiar with Oakville’s Ford Plant, but the city is also home to a number of bustling neighbourhoods which include Bronte, West Oak Trails, West Oakville, Falgarwood, Glen Abbey, Uptown Core, Kerr Village, Westmount, Clearview, Clarkson, Palermo and Palermo West.

Setting aside the Industry and close proximity to Toronto and Hamilton, Oakville is perhaps best known for its waterfront views, fantastic shopping districts and many dining options. These industries have a hard focus on customer satisfaction and a large part of success in this area is the ability to manage pest control problems, including bed bugs. Green Thermal Solutions is able to provide residential and commercial customers with specialized, highly effective and professional bed bug extermination plans. No matter the job size or location, you want the best service possible, provided in a highly discreet manner. Green Thermal solutions can offer all of this and so much more.

Green Thermal Solutions is proud to offer a full range of bed bug extermination services in your community including:

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    “I had a quick response to my problem which was extremely embarrassing. Sam attended to estimate the job and offer his treatment options. He is a very kind man. He showed me the signs and live ones. Kathy was the Technician and she was lovely and thorough. They are a 1 and done service. I would refer them anytime.”

    Bobby B., Oakville, ON

    Oakville Neighbourhoods

    College Park

    Old Oakville

    Uptown Core

    Oakville Industries

    Professional & Financial Services

    Due to its geographical location in relation to Toronto, Oakville has become one of the largest homes for Professional and Financial Services in the region. Law and Accounting firms, Real Estate, and Finance and Insurance companies all have offices located in the city, all of whom take advantage of the highly knowledgeable workforce.

    Digital Media & Film

    Perhaps the single biggest reason Oakville has become a hub for Digital Media and Film is the fact that the city is home to Sheridan College. This post-secondary institution can boast one of the world’s best animation centres; the talent turned out by this program is frequently hired by some of the most prestigious production studios in the world.

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