Mattress, Box Spring And Furniture Removal

Mattress and Furniture Removal

At Green Thermal Solutions, we don’t advocate throwing out furniture. Putting your box springs or mattresses in the garbage won’t solve your bed bug infestation problem. At best, it will marginally reduce the number of bed bugs in your home. At worst, the incorrect disposal of furniture, box springs or mattresses can increase the problem. You run the risk of spreading bed bugs throughout your house or apartment complex. It is imperative that special precautions be taken to avoid spreading an infestation to other areas of your home, apartment complex or to your neighbors.

Our heat treatment services will normally salvage furniture, box springs and mattresses; however, if you decide that you want to dispose of any or all infested furniture, we’re here to help.

Green Thermal Solutions can arrange to pick up any furniture, box springs or mattresses that you would like to dispose of. We utilize a method that ensures our handling of these items will not spread a bed bug problem to other areas of your home, apartment or to your neighbors. We will safely dispose of any unwanted furniture items.

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