Furniture Removal

Mattress and Furniture Removal

High Infestations may require furniture removal. We regularly discuss concerns we may have about keeping certain pieces of furniture that quite frankly shouldn’t be kept. It varies from one situation to the other. At Green Thermal Solutions, if we feel as though for example a headboard just may not be worth the risk of keeping, or perhaps a couch is just far too infested , we will let you know !

We remind our clients not to attempt to remove these items without professional advice first. We are here to help! If there is any unwanted furniture, there are in fact specific precautions that need to be taken into consideration to safely remove these items from the home without making things worse by spreading bed bugs all over the home.

In most cases, all furniture is to remain in its place for treatment. In fact, the Heat Treatment process penetrates and effectively treats box springs, mattresses, dressers and more. Some of our clients have preferred furniture to be removed and we have always done so professionally and efficiently. We are available to remove unwanted belongings.  Just ask !

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