Heat Assault 500X

The Heat Assault 500X is the most effective and powerful thermal remediation equipment available today. The lethal temperature for bed bugs ranges from 117F -122F. Our Heat Assault 500X reaches temperatures in excess of 145F. This ensures the complete extermination of all bed bugs, in all their life stages (adults, eggs and larvae). So that means, that unlike sprays and other extermination methods, you wont require more than one treatment! This is a one and done treatment, saving you time and money in the long run!

The Heat Assault 500X works by using forced convection technology which creates a uniform, consistent and powerful output of heat. The 500X has specially designed fans that disperse hot air through the infested areas. The heat is able to permeate into every crack and crevice of the home! The walls, behind baseboards, under air vents, and all belongings within. The heat will seek them out and kill every last bug in your home. There is no way bed bugs can experience such high heat for such an extended period of time and survive!

You can rest easy knowing that the treatment with our Heat Assault 500X is 100% effective while also being 100% eco, pet and human friendly! It is the safest and most reliable treatment option for you and your family.

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