Heat Assault 500X

At Green Thermal Solutions, we work exclusively with the Heat Assault 500X. It’s simply the most effective and powerful bed bug and pest thermal remediation equipment available today. The 500X unit can reach temperatures in excess of 145 degrees, which results in the complete eradication of bed bugs, bed bug eggs, and larvae within hours. This means that you won’t require more than one treatment (once and done).

The Heat Assault 500X uses forced convection technology which creates a uniform, consistent, and powerful output of heat. Because we use the industry leader in capacity and power, we can treat the entire floor or multiple units at one time.

The Heat Assault 500X uses specially designed fans to diffuse and disperse hot air throughout the infested area. These fans can penetrate walls as well as any cracks and/or wall voids, pushing heated air into every square inch of the infested room.

Not only is Green Thermal Solutions equipment 100% eco-friendly, it’s also harmless to people and pets, making it the safest bed bug and pest remediation process available on the market. As an additional level of service to our clients, Green Thermal Solutions only conducts business using unmarked and discreet vehicles, equipment and staff. This allows us to maintain complete privacy for you and your family.

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