K-9 Bed Bug Detection

K9 inspections are great for libraries, seniors homes, apartments, condos, call centres, hotels, hospitals, dorms

Bed bug detection teams are certified thru the North American Canine Pest Inspectors

Green Thermal Solutions offers Canine detection services. These dogs are highly trained to identify the scent of as little as ONE live bed bug including any eggs. Early detection is so important so an infestation can be handled promptly. The benefits of having a canine inspection is that treatment plans can be less invasive and less expensive in some cases. These dogs can alert if there is a bed bug present quicker than a human can perform a visual inspection. The dogs are also available to come in after a treatment to ensure all the live bed bugs are in fact gone. The canines will not alert to the dead bed bugs that are left behind following a treatment.

K-9 Bed Bug Detection

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