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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered for You!!

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Q: Help! I think I have bed bugs. What should I do?

A: Finding bed bugs can be upsetting and searching for answers on the internet often leads to conflicting information. Instead, the best thing for you to do is to contact an established and trusted professional to ensure you get the right treatment, the first time, and fast.

Green Thermal Solutions has been providing superior bed bug elimination to the GTHA since 2018. We are consistently voted by our customers and community as top in our profession, recently honoured with the Diamond in the 2022 Reader’s Choice Awards!

Q: I’m embarrassed, does this mean my home is dirty?

A: First off, don’t be! Bed bugs don’t discriminate in homes, no matter how clean and tidy they are.

We understand having bed bugs can be stressful, but Green Thermal Solutions offers discreet services and our work is always guaranteed. Our expertly trained team will walk you through our process, answer all your questions and help in every way to quickly remove all bed bugs from your home!

Q: How will you get rid of my home’s bed bugs, and are your treatments safe for my family and pets?

A: Green Thermal Solutions relies on a thermal heat process for superior results. Thermal heat is environmentally friendly and safe for everyone in your home (including your furry family members).

Bed bugs are unable to survive in temperatures above 117F to 122F. Our high powered heating treatment is able to quickly reach 120 degrees in just half an hour and can reach temperatures in excess of 145F. This surrounding heat treatment is able to ensure all beg bugs and their eggs are eradicated.

Q: Would I have better results with a chemical treatment?

A: No. Traditional chemical treatments only target active bedbugs, leaving their developing eggs to continue to grow. Less reliable, chemical treatments can kill bed bugs they come into contact with, leaving eggs and any bugs not reached by the spray. This process requires multiple treatments and is never guaranteed to clear bed bugs from your home. 30% of our customers are families that have given up treating their home with pesticides.

Alternatively, Green Thermal Solutions heat treatments eliminate all bed bugs and their eggs. The penetrating heat quickly fills your space, effectively reaching behind baseboards, in vents and all cracks and crevasses in your home to ensure all bed bugs are eliminated- on the first treatment. Heat is your safest and most effective treatment, allowing you to return to your bed bug free home the same night.

Q: Is a high temperature heat treatment safe for my home and my electronics?

A: Yes it is! When you call Green Thermal Solutions we will walk you through our process and provide you with a heat treatment checklist to identify any heat sensitive electronics in the home. Our commitment is to you and we will safeguard your home throughout the entire process. We are fully insured and offer $5,000,000 in liability.

Q: Will I have to throw out all my clothes, linen and furniture?

A: In most cases no. Green Thermal Solutions offers a Laundry service for your clothing, linen curtains and plush items. Our friendly technicians can help you throughout the entire process from preparation work such as laundering your items, decluttering your home and removing any unwanted furniture at an hourly rate. You decide how much help you may need and we will work with you as a team to quickly restore your bed bug free home.

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Q: How can do I make sure I never get bed bugs again – Aprehend Biopesticide Treatment

A: For most single-family homes a thermal heat treatment will quickly and efficiently kill all bed bugs in the home. Unfortunately for those living in shared dwellings such as apartments, care facilities or hotels, bed bugs can often hide and spread through building plumbing, radiators, and foundation cracks between shared living spaces. For shared living Green Thermal Solutions always recommends the preventative use of Aprehend with your thermal heat treatment. Aprehend is a certified Green Safe, natural biopesticide that is safe for you and your entire family (including your furry friends). To learn more about this proactive approach, contact Green Thermal Solutions for a free consultation today.

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