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Treating and Preventing Bed Bugs in Shared Dwellings

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Finding bed bugs in your home can be upsetting and stressful. While bed bugs can invade any home, they are more common in shared living spaces such as apartments, condos and care facilities. Heating, plumbing and cracks in shared dwellings allow bedbugs to escape from chemical treatments and easily travel throughout units. While you can’t control what your neighbours do, you can ensure your home is protected from bed bugs no matter your living space.

Because bed bugs multiply quickly, they require a trained professional to eliminate them from your home. Green Thermal Solutions offers safe and effective service with guaranteed results, ensuring you get the right treatment, the first time and fast.

For those in shared living spaces, Green Thermal Solutions recommends a superior two-step process, first to eliminate all bed bugs and their eggs, followed by a preventative treatment to ensure your home stays bed bug free.

Green Thermal Solutions proudly provides environmentally safe and highly effective bed bug treatment. Beginning with a penetrating thermal heat, this heat quickly fills your home effectively reaching all regions including hard to reach areas such as baseboards, vents and cracks and crevices. Thermal heat is the safest and most efficient treatment for ensuring all bed bugs and their eggs are quickly eliminated from your home.

Once bed bugs have been eliminated, Green Thermal Solutions always recommends the preventative application of Aprehend Biopesticide Treatment to ensure your home stays bed bug free. Certified Green Safe, Aprehend is safe for all members of your household including your furry friends. It is recognized as the most effective preventative treatment and requires minimal setup while offering long-lasting results. Through strategic application, Aprehend effectively extinguishes any new critters, before they reach your home.

To learn more about our environmentally safe and effective bed bug treatment, contact Green Thermal Solutions today!