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A Bed Bug

Taking the time to do regular inspections of your home and/or building is an important, quick and easy way to effectively manage a potential infestation prior to it getting out of control. We’d like to provide you with some information to help prevent/limit a bed bug problem.

Communicate. Sounds fairly easy and it turns out that it is. Listen. Ask questions. Has anyone in your home noticed bugs or woken up with some itchy bites? Let everyone know that if they’re itchy or have signs of a bite they should let you know. The city of Hamilton nailed it with the “No Blame, No Shame” campaign. Communicate that it doesn’t matter where bed bugs came from and that no matter how clean you are it can happen to anyone. Eliminate the stigma from bed bugs and you will dramatically increase the opportunity for open communication on the subject. Say it with us “No Blame, No Shame!”

Do regular inspections. Get in the habit of doing a monthly sweep. Check each bed, sofa, love seat, recliner, ottoman and anywhere else that people like to lounge or fall asleep for signs of bed bugs. Fun Fact; 70% of Bed Bugs are found directly on furniture, the next 23% are found within 5 feet of the primary infested furniture and only 7% are found beyond that. This means that checking your furniture on a regular basis is your best chance of early detection.


Check the corners of the bed sheets, bed frame, mattress and box spring

Other Home Furniture:

Check along the seams, under the cushions, lift the skirting and pay specific attention to the pleats and the seam that attaches to the furniture. Make sure to flip it around and check any parts that are facing or jammed up against a wall. Spend a few minutes and inspect any lamps, tables, electrical sockets, wall hangings curtains, baseboards and carpets (including rugs) in the vicinity of these high-risk areas as well.

Bed bugs are attracted to small spaces and it is common for people to overlook things that come in and out of your home on a regular basis when doing an inspection. We suggest that you always do a quick investigation on any backpacks, walker and scooters, sports equipment and other bags. Looking for signs of bed bugs on these items can help you prevent an infestation before it begins. Anything that travels to and from your home has the potential to transport bed bugs, remember to be vigilant.

If you think you may have Bed Bugs and would like to speak with a professional, make sure to contact us. One and Done. Guaranteed.