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Bed Bugs Do Not Discriminate





You may be very diligent at cleaning or maybe not, either way it does not matter how clean your home is OR what city you live in OR what your occupation is etc..


We ALL exhale carbon dioxide and that is what rings the dinner bell for bedbugs. See Green Thermal Solutions blog “Goodnight sleep tight” for more information.


Home cleaning chemicals may kill a few bedbugs on contact but are truly ineffective and tend to creep deeper into cracks and crevices to survive any threat. This includes BLEACH.


It’s not what you can see, it’s what you can’t see. You bought some over the counter pest control spray or decide bleach kills almost everything and start spraying and soaking. Again, you may kill some bedbugs on contact, you WILL spread them further. See Green Thermals blog “Pest Prevention” for more information.


We all go to communal areas such as school, work, library, the gym, restaurants and the list goes on. So do bedbugs!

Bedbugs don’t jump, fly, burrow or have a leader like a queen bee. They are the world’s greatest hitchhikers and that’s about all they need to be to spread across the globe.


Here’s a quick scenario:

Let’s say John gets bedbugs from work. He is a furniture mover. John brought home a hitchhiker by moving furniture from an infested home. John walks into his home after a hard day, kicks his boots off and changes out of his work clothes. John has 1 pregnant female, undetected on his clothes.

See where this is going ….

The pregnant female is hungry and will also lay eggs of a combination of soon to be male and female nymphs. These nymphs will go through 5 instars to become adult bedbugs to start a new population! She is seeking carbon dioxide, a blood meal, warmth and a safe nook within 5 feet of where a host sleeps night after night. the beacon to feeding – the dinner bell!

Now imagine this lose female bedbug scurries towards the crib in John’s bedroom where he dropped his clothes off on the floor and where John and wife’s new baby is napping! YIKES. Up pregnant female goes into the crib and she feeds and hides in the seams of babies blanket and lays her eggs, that stick safely in place.  John’s wife later packs up baby to go see grandma! The no longer pregnant female is shaken off the baby blanket. Several other off spring are still on blanky and on their way to grandma’s.

Now they are in 2 homes – that easy.




The # 1 way to get rid of bedbugs and other pests is to use high heat.

Green Thermal uses the best machine on the market. The Heat Assault 500x –

We safely and effectively raise the temperature of your home and contents to 120+ degrees fahrenheit. Green Thermal uses infrared technology to read the temperature inside the walls where they are hiding.