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Your dryer is a great tool to tackling an infestation

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If you think or know you have bedbugs you must use one the best tools in your home to help fight the battle!


Your laundry dryer.

Bedbugs die after exposure to high heat in 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Your dryer achieves the appropriate temperature internally to kill bedbugs in less than 1 hour! So use your dryer for anything and everything that can go in it. Sixty (60) minutes of high heat. No washing required.


Clean your lint trap and look for the evidence of bedbugs before you start.


Do not over fill your dryer. Typical home laundry dryers are built to handle 10 lbs of “wet” items. You can easily place a dryer full of dry items and barely be at 10lbs but you will stifle the heat. When transferring your linens from the affected areas to your dryer, use a garbage bag so you don’t spread the bugs to new areas of your home.


A good rule is toss items in not bunched up until the dryer is 1/2 to 3/4 full.  After the cycle – check lint trap for evidence. Don’t worry they will all be dead.


Another great tool is your vacuum or a steamer if you have one.




The # 1 way to get rid of bedbugs and other pests is to use high heat.

Green Thermal uses the best machine on the market. The Heat Assault 500x –

We safely and effectively raise the temperature of your home and contents to 120+ degrees fahrenheit. Green Thermal uses infrared technology to read the temperature inside the walls where they are hiding.