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If you’re taking the time to read through this, you must know that bed bugs can be your worst nightmare. If you’ve had the displeasure of finding these critters in your home, we truly hope that you have reached out to a professional pest control company. Are we biased that a professional pest exterminator is the best way to handle an issue like this? We sure are! Many times, we have met with individuals just like yourself who have attempted to remedy a bed bug situation on their own. And more that 90% of the time, people who have met with us and then attempted to exterminate these pests on their own end up contacting us again within three weeks. Bed bugs are hard to kill. Without the proper training, techniques and equipment it is incredibly difficult for homeowners to rid themselves of an infestation. Green Thermal Solutions wants to make sure that you get the most out of your experience with us. We provide our clients with very thorough pre-treatment preparation and after care program materials (We also so offer these as services on an hourly basis for our clients who unable or just would prefer someone take care of the heavy lifting for them). Today we’d like to provide you with some additional information on one of the most important, often overlooked aspects of a bed bug treatment plan…laundering.

Laundering is a crucial step in the process to prepare your home for treatment and prevent a re-infestation. Bed bugs are known for their ability to hitch a ride. They are tenacious and if there’s a way into your home, they will find it. Typically, this is achieved by travelling on our clothes and/or personal belongings. Take a moment and consider all the places that you travel to in a day. Now think about all the other people who visit these same locations. Everywhere you go, everywhere you sit, all the places you place your belongings…other people are in those same places too. Certainly, you see my point. It is not a simple task to identify someone who may be transporting bed bugs. Chances are you come across people ever day who are unaware that they are affected. Each of us risks picking up a hitchhiker simply by leaving our home for the day.

Green Thermal Solutions and numerous other leading experts in the field consider laundering one of the most important steps in protecting your home against bed bugs. At Green Thermal Solutions, we love to remind people that Heat is the only scientifically proven and recommended way to kill bed bugs, their eggs, larvae and nymphs for certain. This applies not only to our Heat Treatment for bed bugs, but also for your clothing, linens, textiles and any heat safe fabric items. It may seem like a gigantic task to ask that you launder any items in your home that you are able to; however, we believe it is such a crucial step in the process that we cannot recommend it highly enough.

We’d like to offer a few tips to help you keep your home bed bug free:

  1. Sort and Separate Clothes and Linens – You should separate your clothes in the same manner you would during your regular washing e.g.: Delicate’s, Whites, Colors, Dry Clean only etc. Place each pile in a clean bag and tie it off.
  2. Drying- Drying items on high heat for 40 minutes will kill all stages of bed bugs. Heat is the moral enemy of bed bugs. Sealed plastic bags should be opened and put into the dryer carefully in order to prevent any bed bugs from escaping. Do not reuse plastic bags, seal them and carefully discard them outside of your home. It is important that labels are read carefully on your dry clean only and delicates, they may not be suitbale laundering in this manner and require special care. Clean clothes and linens are not required to be washed again but can be placed directly into the dryer for 40 minutes on High. Dirty clothes need to be washed at the highest possible temperature before being placed into the dryer for 40 minutes on high.
  3. Storing- Place laundered clothes and linens into new plastic bags. It’s important not to set your clothes down on surfaces that have not been inspected and/or treated for bed bugs. Once your home has been heat treated you can open these bags; however, doing so before this runs the risk of re-infestation. Depending on where you live, you may store laundered items outside your home, in a bathtub or in a garage. Once the heat treatment process is complete you can return you laundered clothes to the dressers, closets, etc. that they came from. This process may seem like it is time consuming, but we encourage you to complete it. It is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself against a future infestation. If for any reason you are unable to do this, or you would prefer that someone complete this step for you, Green Thermal Solutions is here to help. We offer a full service, door-to-door laundering service and take great care with your fabrics and have impeccable standards of excellence.
  4. Vacuuming – Vacuuming is a crucial and occasionally under-valued step in the bed bug treatment process. It is vital to vacuum all areas of your home. Beds, baseboards, under and inside or dressers, etc. Vacuuming (mechanical removal) your home is the first and one of the most important phases of the bed bug treatment plan. If this first step is neglected, you may run the risk of a re-infestation. As with all stages of a treatment plan, Green Thermal Solutions is here to help you, should you require assistance. Click to call us today for your quote (905)577-3914