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If there is anything that can sink a cottage rental’s online reputation to the bottom of the lake and stop revenue dead in its tracks, it’s Bed bugs.  Bed bugs have been around for 3,500 years and unfortunately for everyone they are not going away. The blood sucking parasite and its ability to reproduce and go undetected has been plaguing the hotel industry forever. In the last decade or so, the emergence of booking sites like Glamping Hub, Airbnb, Cottages in Canada, and Kijiji, cottage owners and entrepreneurs have not escaped the collateral damage that comes along with getting the original cootie critter. The last thing a cottage host or owner wants is a bad online review and a bad review with the accusation of bed bugs being in the rental cottage and the realistic threat of customers bringing them home, can be unrepairable for the cottage owner and disastrous for the renter who only sought to have a great lakeside vacation.

The reality is that most cottage owners rely on the supplemental income that renting their cottage provides to sustain their investment.  In the end, what can be done to mitigate the potential shut down? Most Pest Control companies’ immediate resolution to a bedbug infestation is with a Chemical Spray. The problem with that remedy is twofold. One, chemical pesticides only kill live bugs and not bed bug eggs. That’s the second problem, due to eggs hatching after the residual pesticide has worn off, multiple chemical sprays will be necessary, weeks apart, and those sprays will not be as effective if the cottage itself remains vacant. There lies the big dilemma, Cottage Hosts can not, in good faith, rent out a property knowing it has bed bugs and the chemical pesticides can take weeks or longer to fix the problem, if at all in this scenario.

So, what’s the alternative to cancelling and ruining planned vacations for cottage renter’s and halting your business revenue stream? Heat Remediation! Heat remediation or a “Heat Treatment” is the answer and the most effective way to kill bed bugs, one and done, in all stages of their life, including eggs. The heat remediation process is safe, discreet, can be completed in a single day, and furniture will not have to be thrown out. The benefits are unmatched for Cottage Hosts as they can avoid crippling bad reviews, cancelling planned vacations, and refunding renter’s deposits. In conclusion, a heat treatment is the most cost-effective way to exterminate bed bugs and will allow cottage owners to continue to sleep tight and enjoy the pleasure and income their cottage property provides.


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