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Signs You May Have Bed Bugs


Bed Bugs often go undetected in your home for long periods of time. By the time Bed Bugs are noticed, they may have already established themselves in multiple rooms in your home.

There are a few signs that may help you detect the presence of Bed Bugs in your home before you have a full-blown infestation.

Bumps or Bites on Your Skin

Waking up and finding mysterious bites on the skin of someone in your home can be an early sign of Bed Bugs. Typical Bed Bug bites appear in patterns of 3. They can appear red, swollen and raised. Bites will be found on parts of your skin that are exposed while you sleep. Keeping that in mind, everyone reacts to bed bugs differently, some people don’t react at all.  Other pests can also bite or leave a rash that looks like a bite. These pests include Mosquitos, Spiders or Carpet Beetles.

Blood Stains on Your Sheets

Blood stains on your sheets or pillows can be a characteristic sign of a Bed Bug issue. When Bed Bugs feed at night, bites can bleed afterwards. This can leave staining on your linens. Bed Bugs can also be accidentally squished in your sleep resulting in staining.

Scat or Bed Bug Feces

Bed Bug feces is digested blood. It can be dark brown to black in colour. It can easily be mistaken for an ink spot or dirt. Bed bugs do not spread any diseases or bacteria. Running your finger over suspected Bed Bug feces to see if it smears can indicate the presence of Bed Bugs in your home. Bed Bug feces will look the same size as poking a felt tip pen to your bed sheet.  Bed Bug feces can be difficult to locate on dark coloured bed sheets. Using light coloured bed sheets can aid you in determining if you have a Bed Bug issue.