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Top 6 Mistakes People When Dealing With Bed Bugs

Trying DIY Bed Bug Eradication Methods

Bed bugs may cause anybody to become anxious, so a natural instinct is to make efforts to try and get rid of them yourself. Although methods such as washing your sheets in the laundry machine and getting rid of your mattress may help, you should be aware that 90% of the time, this will not relieve you completely of the infestation. It is wise to leave the ork to trusted professionals because a lot of the time, DIY methods will not assist you in eradicating those pesky bugs or may lead to the bed bugs relocating within your home.

Moving to another bed

Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale, and emerge at night while you sleep to begin feeding, and crawl away, generally unnoticed. It is common  for people to resort to sleeping in a different bed to attempt to avoid the bed bugs completely. However, as eerie as it may sound, it is important to understand that bed bugs can and will find you one way or another. So sleeping in a different bed will probably make matters worse because it may cause the bed bugs to begin spreading and build colonies in different parts of your home or wherever you chose to relocate.

Covering Yourself in Pesticides

You should never apply pesticides that aren’t meant for your skin directly onto it. These harsh chemicals can enter your system through the skin and through ingestion. In addition, most mosquito or bug repellants are useless in fighting bed bugs, and spraying your skin with these repellants would probably cause the chemicals to get all over your sheets, which serves no advantage to you, and may cause your eyes or skin to experience a high level of irritation.

Not Buying A Mattress Topper

Most bed bug infestations stem from the mattress or boxspring of one’s bed. Although adding a mattress cover will not eradicate bed bugs, it will most definitely control them. A mattress topper will stop any live bed bugs from entering your mattress, and prevent any bed bugs from exiting the mattress at night to feed.

Not Notifying Your Landlord

If you reside in an apartment or housing complex, it is extremely easy for a bed bug infestation to spread to your neighbours, just as easy as it is to spread a disease to somebody living in close proximity to you. It is imperative that you notify your landlord immediately so the problem can be tackled quickly. Many times, it is hard for a landlord to track the origin of the infestation, making the problem harder to solve.

Believing Bed Bugs Confine Themselves to Your Bed

Bed Bugs absolutely love clutter. Just because they’re called ‘bed’ bugs doesn’t mean they can and won’t hide within the clutter in the areas around your bed as well. Bed bugs are known to hide in clothing, stacks of paper, behind picture frames, and in carpet. A bed infestation is a room infestation and can very much be a house-wide infestation if not controlled correctly.

When it comes to a bed bug infestation, don’t be shy to ask for reliable professional help. Contact Green Thermal Solutions today to get your free consultation. Together, we can tackle and rid your home of bed bugs.